Why Taapsee Pannu Kept Wedding To Mathias Boe Super Private: “The Kind Of Scrutiny That Happens…”


Taapsee and Mathias in a throwback picture. (courtesy: MathiasBoe)New Delhi: Taapsee Pannu and her longtime boyfriend Mathias Boe got married in an intimate ceremony held in Udaipur on March 23. The wedding was attended by the couple’s close friends and their family members. Despite keeping the affair private, several videos from the festivities did the rounds on social media. In recent Holi photos shared by Taapsee Pannu’s friend and fellow actor Abhilash Thapliyal, eagle-eyed fans observed her wearing a ring. However, both Taapsee and Mathias have chosen to remain tight-lipped about their nuptials and refrained from sharing any official updates or images on social media platforms. In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, Taapsee Pannu spoke about her wedding for the first time.Taapsee Pannu opened up about her decision to keep her wedding under wraps, citing her reluctance to subject her personal life to public scrutiny. She expressed concerns about potential judgment and unwarranted opinions that often accompany celebrity unions in the spotlight. Taapsee said that while she is accustomed to such scrutiny as a public figure, her partner and wedding guests are not, hence, she chose to keep the affair private.She said, “I’m not sure if I want to open my personal life to the kind of scrutiny that happens. I’ve signed up for this, not my partner or the people who were at the wedding. That’s why I’ve kept it to myself.””The intention was never to keep it a secret; I just didn’t want to make it a public affair, because then I’ll start getting worried about how it is perceived. That’s why I have no plans for a release of any kind, and don’t think I’m mentally prepared for that right now,” said the 36-year-old, adding, “I knew people who were there, they wanted to be there for me and were not present to judge, that’s why I was pretty relaxed,” Taapsee added.Reflecting on the fusion of Sikh and Christian rituals during the ceremony, Taapsee Pannu shared that they both are from two very distinct backgrounds and shared that the wedding planning was handled by her sister, Shagun Pannu, with whom she co-owns a wedding planning business. Among the guests were Pavail Gulati and Anurag Kashyap, as well as writer Kanika Dhillon among others.


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