Want Your Kid To Do Better At School? Know How Parenting Styles And Technology Can Reshape Children Development

In the ever-evolving landscape of education and parenting, new approaches are reshaping child development. Parents are now embracing personalized pareting styles, using technology and community support. Understanding students behavior is crucial for fostering a conducive learning atmosphere, enabling tailored educational methodologies.

With the perception of academic success developing, emphasizing holistic growth and incorporating diverse parenting styles alongside technological advancements. 

In an interview with Zee News English, Mr. Chetan Jaiswal, Founder and CEO, MyPeegu how the introduction of technology in kids education is affecting their overall growth and invertely moulding the parenting styles for parents.

Are there any new approaches which are shaping parenting in child development? 

Parenting with times has undergone some big changes. From the way parents now communicate with their children, to the time spent with them, all things have been greatly impacted by the modernisation of the world. Thanks to the boom in technology, most things have become simpler, but at the same time, things have also been complicated. Some kids, with such lengthy and early exposure to technology have taken away from their other habits. 

How does understanding behaviour impact students in education? 

As children are growing, they are still learning and figuring out how to be able to put across their needs to the adults in their lives, be it at home or in school. And each child comes in with their own set of these needs, even when it comes to learning in schools. 

Hence, for the teachers to be able to understand what it is that the child requires, decoding these behaviours becomes a necessity. 

How do modern psychometric tools redefine child development in schools? 

Child development, whether in school or at home, has always been looked at in terms of measurable units. This just gives the parents guardians, or teachers greater clarity in terms of what to expect of the child at the given age to ensure that they can keep up with their ideal milestones.

How is the perception of academic success evolving especially with regards to parenting styles and tech in education? 

Academics have since come a long way. Ever since the introduction of technology in the field of education, the entire arena has expanded exponentially, providing greater exposure to the students. With the integration of technology with academics, the classrooms have now transformed into these rooms of unmatched thinking and creative ideas, that go far beyond the traditional books.

As for the parenting styles, these too have also greatly evolved since. Parents also no longer only look at the academic growth of their child, but rather a whole-sided development. Their focus now lies in ensuring that their child gets the overall exposure and can learn skills much beyond the classroom. 

Do you feel there is a need for an integrated approach for parents & schools to work together on the holistic development of the child? Do you have any such modules? 

As a child grows, his primary and secondary areas of socializing and learning are at home and in school. Everything that he is learning, is either from his parents at home or his teachers in school. So it becomes very important to ensure that all these people in the child’s life work with the same approach. 

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