Thieves Pull Off Hollywood-Style Heist, Steal $30 Million From US Cash Storage Facility Without A Trace


New Delhi: A group of thieves executed a heist at a cash storage facility in Los Angeles on Easter Sunday and are absconding with a staggering sum of money. The thieves managed to infiltrate the facility through the roof without triggering any alarms, leading to the successful theft of a significant sum, ABC reported quoting sources. The FBI, along with local law enforcement, are currently investigating the incident. The company owning the facility remained unaware of the grand-scale theft until the following morning, Monday.

The pilfered amount, reported to be no less than $30 million, marks this heist as one of the most substantial in the annals of Los Angeles’ criminal history, as per reports from local news outlets. The perpetrators behind this well-orchestrated theft remain a mystery, with scant evidence pointing to their identities or the precise methods employed in the heist.

The case has drawn the combined investigative efforts of the Los Angeles Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Remarkably, the facility’s security systems, including alarms, remained inactive throughout the incident, leaving no indication of the burglars’ intrusion. The facility in question, situated in the San Fernando Valley, is known for processing and vault-storing cash from various local businesses.

Media sources suggest that the burglars, demonstrating a high level of sophistication, likely gained entry through the building’s roof. Knowledge of the substantial cash reserves within the facility was limited to a select few.

The loss of the funds was only recognized on Monday when employees accessed the vault and found the vast sum missing. The vault itself bore no visible signs of forced entry. Reports from U.S. media pinpoint the theft at a GardaWorld facility in Sylmar, a suburban district. Aerial footage from a news helicopter showed what appeared to be a breach in the building’s structure, surrounded by debris, though its connection to the heist remains unconfirmed.

This incident eclipses previous records for cash stolen in armoured vehicle heists within the region, as noted by the Los Angeles Times.


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