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Need any new essentials for spring? Here you go: Everything you want to buy is probably on sale right now at Amazon. Head on over to the retail giant to score some great deals on must-haves for your entire home. Amazon has steep discounts on everything from home essentials to tech goodies and all those things you need in between, like Alexa-enabled devices, TVs, laptops and more.

Whether you’re still getting caught up with cleaning your house and need some spring cleaning supplies like robot vacuums, or cooking tools to improve your skills in the kitchen, Amazon has you covered. We’ve sifted through hundreds of deals on offer right now to bring you discounts you won’t want to miss.

The best deals at Amazon

Ready to start shopping? See our picks for some of the best deals you can buy at Amazon. Whether you’re in the market for a new set of cookware, a grill to make delicious meals at home, or some new tech, these discounts have you covered.

Best kitchen deals at Amazon

Save big on everything kitchen-related at Amazon, from deals on top-rated cookware to deals on kitchen organization essentials.

Carote nonstick Granite cookware Set: $90 (save 40%)


Is the nonstick coating on your favorite pot wearing off? Is your go-to skillet’s handle wobbly? It’s time to grab a new set. And you can’t go wrong with this Carote cookware set.

This non-stick granite collection comes with 10 pieces, including several skillets, casserole pots and saucepans so you can cook just about anything your heart desires. They’re simple to clean, heat up evenly and quickly, and feature sturdy wooden handles.

This is a great, complete cooking set that you can replace your current kitchen equipment with and feel good about it. Quick cleanup, slick aesthetics and sturdy cookware? You might feel like going into the kitchen a little more often, especially since you can get this expansive set for such a great price. 

This nonstick cookware set is $90 at Amazon, reduced from $150.

Instant Pot Pro Plus: $150 (save 25%)


Whether you’re a whiz in the kitchen or a beginner, you’ve still got to eat. Stop spending so much money on takeout and grab yourself an Instant Pot Pro Plus. You’ll feel much better and save money — and you can save money on the whole unit right now.

This cooker has 10 functions you can take advantage of: pressure cooking, slow cooking, rice cooking, canning, yogurt making, steaming, food warming, sous vide, NutriBoost and sterilization. Plus, it’s super simple to clean, with a stainless steel exterior and interior pot you can remove and wash on its own.

This Instant Pot can connect via Wi-Fi using its companion app and has more than 1,900 recipes to choose from. It also has a large, easy-to-read display so you can read everything easily. 

Regularly $170, this top-rated kitchen appliance is on sale for $150 at Amazon today.

Instant Vortex 6-Quart air fryer: $100 (save 41%)


An air fryer is a must-have for anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen. It’s also perfect for those who want to spend less time in there, since it can help whip up super-quick meals and snacks.

This Instant Pot-branded model can air fry, broil, roast and reheat. Though you can set meals to cook with just one-touch button presses, you can customize the cooker’s programming further and cook anywhere between 120 and 400 degrees.

It’s simple to clean, doesn’t take up much space in your kitchen thanks to its compact size, and its air-frying basket is dishwasher-safe. It’s on sale for a great price too, so if you’re looking for a simple solution for delicious, healthier dinners, this is your answer.

Regularly $170, this air fryer is $100 at Amazon. 

Best spring cleaning deals at Amazon 

Need to clean house this spring? Amazon is offering tons of discounts on spring cleaning essentials, including robot vacuums, air purifiers, and more. You’ll also find deals on TikTok favorites like this viral scrubber, while supplies last. Need a new mop? You’ll find that here too. Check out our top spring cleaning deal picks below.

iRobot Roomba s9+ robot vacuum: $600 (save 40%)


This is one of Roomba’s most luxe robot vacuums, boasting 40 times the suction power of some of the brand’s competing robovacs. 

It uses a special three-stage cleaning system that lifts, loosens and eradicates dirt and pet hair that’s hidden deep in your carpet. It’s a lot easier to let your robot vacuum do all the work instead of manually pushing a stick vacuum.

If you have particularly dirty carpeting or you have rugs that need to be cleaned more efficiently, you’ll also appreciate the 30% wider dual rubber brushes versus the other Roomba model. They help to detangle and remove both pet and human hair that’s ground in and stuck.

In addition to mapping your home using LiDAR, it can also intelligently change speeds and suction power depending on what it’s cleaning at the time, from hard floors to carpet. Need to swap out or change paths? No problem! Just use the connected app. 

This is a great price for one of iRobot’s best Roomba units, so pounce on this deal while it’s hot. Regularly $1,000, this Roomba is just $600 right now. 

Mooka Air Purifier: $60 (save 65%)


If you live in a small apartment or spend a lot of time in a small area with little air circulation, you know the importance of purifying the air. And even if you have a larger space, it’s still super important to keep the air you’re breathing free of allergens.

This unassuming little air purifier couldn’t be more affordable, with a high-efficiency filtration system that can cover up to 1,076 square feet of your home. It uses a HEPA filter and activated carbon to trap smoke, odor, large dust particles, pet hair and anything else that sneaks into your immediate vicinity, as well as contaminants in the air as small as 0.3 microns.

It’s whisper-quiet when running and has four timer settings, four fan modes, and a night light to top it all off. You’ll sleep easy with this air purifier on the job, and so will your bank account thanks to this Amazon sale price.

Regularly $170, get it for $60 on sale at Amazon. 

Dyson V8 Absolute stick vacuum: $380 (save 19%)


This lightweight stick vacuum is one of Dyson’s best by far, and an easy favorite out of the brand’s stable of appliances. It offers 40 minutes of runtime per charge and serves up a thorough, sparkling clean every time.

This model has extra oomph to grapple with difficult pet hair that clings to your carpet, too. It has an anti-tangle brush to help make short work of fur and hair to give you a dazzling clean without needing constant unclogging.

If you need to reach into more difficult-to-access places, the vacuum can also convert into a handheld version. It comes with several tools and attachments to make using it in handheld mode a breeze.

This is a great Dyson deal, especially if you don’t want a hefty vacuum to carry all around your home.  

Right now, you can get the vacuum for $380, which is down from its normal price of $470. 

Best grill deals at Amazon

Amazon is cooking up some serious deals for your patio, including these top grill deal picks.

Weber Spirit S-315 liquid propane gas grill: $699 (save 18%)


Grill up meals for the whole family with this robust 32,000 BTU liquid propane grill. Durable stainless steel and porcelain construction make cleaning a breeze after cooking for a crowd. 

The spacious 529-square-inch cooking surface lets you handle up to 15 burgers at once. The relatively compact 45.5 x 49.5 x 24 inch footprint is ideal for most patios and decks.

Keep tools close at hand with the integrated hook while the porcelain-coated grates and stainless steel burners allow a quick post-party cleanup. Whether hosting a small gathering or a large one, this grill delivers serious cooking power with handy extras to make outdoor cooking an absolute joy. 

Weber Genesis SPX-435 smart gas grill: $1,799 (save 16%)


Need to make a big, satisfying dinner for your family? Or maybe it’s your turn to handle the barbecue this year. Do it all with this Weber grill, which can sear, roast, bake, steam and stir-fry.

This gas-powered grill uses the Weber Connect app to deliver real-time food temperature alerts and reminders to your phone. It has an extra-large sear zone to handle multiple meals at a time as well as a special kind of night lighting to help you see when you lift the lid. 

This is a massive grill station that’s well worth the price, especially when you can save big like you can regularly at Amazon. It has everything you need to cook a delicious meal and then some, so if you’re a regular grill user you’ll definitely want to consider this one.

Right now, this grill is $1,799, which is 16% off its usual price. 

Royal Gourmet GA5403C 5-burner BBQ gas grill with rotisserie kit: $420 (save 28%)


This cabinet-style propane grill is an affordable option if you want to make delicious meats and other great meals for backyard barbecues or everyday dinners.

It comes with four main burners at 10,000 BTU each, a sear burner at 14,000 BTU, a rear burner at 10,000 BTU and a lidded side burner at 10,000 BTU.

While you can cook a variety of savory hamburgers, steaks, and other items in this grill, it excels at rotisserie chicken, where it can cook a whole bird with high heat or slower searing.

The grill itself is outfitted with easy, simple-to-understand controls, an attractive exterior, and an attractive exterior as well. If you’re not looking for the latest and greatest grill and want to easily whip up a tasty meal, this grill is for you. 

Best tech deals at Amazon

Give your living room a refresh this spring with a brand-new TV the whole family can enjoy. Many top models are discounted at Amazon now.

40″ Vizio D-Series 1080p smart TV: $148 (save 36%)


This 40-inch smart TV has a 1080p display with a full-array LED backlight and IQ picture processor for a better picture, and it loads content faster as well. Plus, it’s great for gaming. It can automatically optimize the picture mode it’s using for gaming to deliver a great look every time. 

And with its intuitive smart features and navigation options, you can access a wide selection of apps like Netflix and Hulu straight from the unit.

Regularly $230, get this 40-inch Vizio smart TV for $148.

Apple AirPods Pro 2: $189 (save 24%)


Need a new pair of earbuds that won’t let you down? It’s time to migrate to AirPods. The sleek, comfortable AirPods Pro 2 is one of the best options you can get for any listener. 

Their long-lasting battery life is one big reason to buy in: You get a whopping 30 hours of listening time with these thanks to their included charging case.

They’re even better than their predecessors in a variety of ways. For one thing, their upgraded wireless chip makes for faster and easier pairing, and it also means fantastic active noise cancellation. They’re an overall upgrade from the previous model in every way. 

You can get them for just $189 right now, which is 24% off their normal price. 

Apple iPad (10th gen) with 2 years of AppleCare+: $418 (save 19%)


If you’re planning on buying a new tablet, you can’t go wrong with an iPad. The 10th generation Apple iPad delivers solid performance in a slim, colorful package – and you can get it right now at a discount with two years of AppleCare+ as well.

Sporting a bright 10.9-inch touchscreen, this iPad can handle everyday tasks with ease. We recommend it for students or anyone not needing top-of-the-line processing muscle.

While powerful enough out of the box, accessories like the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard Folio can transform this iPad into an even more capable workstation.

If you want an affordable iPad in playful colors without skimping on quality, the 10th-generation model hits the sweet spot. And the current $100-off discount makes it an even more appealing buy. Add some accessories and you’ve got a slim yet mighty tablet ready for work or play.

Best furniture deals at Amazon

Amazon is the place to go for good-looking, inexpensive furniture. Find everything from food storage containers to organize your kitchen to lamps, vanities, and much more, all at steep discounts. 

Marctronic floor lamp: $50 (save 50%)


Need to shine a light on a darker area in your home? Try this super bright floor lamp, which boasts a powerful 36W light with 3200 lumens of brightness. It’s bright enough to light up your entire living room, but it’s adjustable so that you can make sure only the areas you need are illuminated. 

It also uses anti-glare, long-lifespan LED lights that can save 85% more energy than most home lamps. You can control the brightness, power, and other settings with an included remote as well as via the switch on the lamp itself. 

With easy dimming, an adjustable 350-degree lamp head, and a sturdy but slim lamppost, there’s plenty to love about this super affordable bit of lighting, especially at this price.

Find it on sale at Amazon for $50, reduced from $100.

Orimade shower caddy basket organizer: $26 (save 33%)


Let’s face it. We all have too much stuff in our shower stalls. From the empty Head & Shoulders bottle you left in one alcove to the five sugar scrubs piled up in the corner, you can afford to downsize.

Or just add more storage with this adhesive organizer.

You may have seen something of this nature on TikTok and wondered if it works. It absolutely does, and this elegant, stainless-steel, rustproof shelf can stick effortlessly to your shower wall with no drilling, no damage, and no trouble.

You get a two-pack for this price, with 5 hooks and two complete caddies. Just add all your must-have shower items and you’re good to go!

Regularly $39, you can get this organizer for $26, which is 33% off at Amazon right now. 

Zinus 12″ Green Tea Essential memory foam mattress: $230 (30% off)


It’s probably time to replace your mattress. Now’s a good time to do so, and Amazon has the perfect option on hand. This Zinus foam mattress comes in a box and all you have to do is lay it out on your bedframe to let it expand so you can jump on top, slip under the blankets, and get a good night’s sleep.

This memory foam mattress is made with green tea extract and active charcoal to help keep things fresh and clean while blocking moisture and odors. It has a knitted jacquard cover on the top layer to keep any stains from penetrating to the memory foam beneath.

It’s durable, soft, and comfortable for any sleepers. But if you do happen to have an issue, it comes with a 10-year limited warranty so you’re covered if any problems pop up. 

This mattress is usually $329, but you can get it on sale right now for just $230. 


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