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Is it time to buy a new smartwatch? You really can’t go wrong with an Apple Watch, especially if you’re an iOS user. If you’re looking to pick up one of Apple‘s popular wearables, it’s a good idea to bookmark this article to see the hottest deals as they happen. 

From the current model Apple Watch Series 9, to the budget-priced Apple Watch SE, we have savings to share. One thing to keep in mind: Stock may be low on certain models of the Apple Watch. The newly re-released Apple Watch Series 9 is now available without their blood oxygen sensors active, thanks to a patent dispute with tech company Masimo. There may still be older models with the blood oxygen tech in stock, but you may find yourself paying higher prices.

Check out our picks for the five best Apple Watch deals you can shop right now. Best of all, you can probably get most of these models in a day or two thanks to quick shipping.

The 5 best Apple Watch deals in 2024

Apple Watch SE 2nd Gen (40mm, GPS only): $199 (20% off)


The Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen) makes an ideal entry-level smartwatch, with key safety features for users of all ages.

It packs the powerful S8 chip from the Series 8 into a lightweight and affordable aluminum frame. This gives you impressive performance with a budget price tag.

The SE retains must-have Apple Watch capabilities like fall detection, emergency SOS, activity tracking and more. You’re also covered for health monitoring, notifications, communication and basic app needs.

While it lacks some flagship model perks, the SE (2nd Gen) nails the basics for an excellent starter smartwatch. And current sale pricing makes it even easier to bring home Apple’s wearable safety and utility at a solid value.

Case in point: You can get the Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen) starting at $199 for the 40mm model at Amazon right now. That’s 20% off its normal price. You can also get the same watch at Walmart for just $209, which is $70 off. 

Apple Watch Series 7 (45mm, GPS + Cellular, Refurbished): $215 (7% off)


While the Apple Watch Series 9 models are grabing headlines, the Apple Watch Series 7 remains an excellent option if you’re looking for a balance of utility and value.

This previous-generation wearable still offers the core Apple Watch experience, so you have a good idea of what to expect when you use it. In addition to its standard suite of phone features, it also comes with health sensors like ECG, SpO2, fall detection and more.

Of course, it still has fitness tracking and motivation features, as well as activity goals, challenges with friends, and in-depth metrics to help you get in better shape or maintain the one that you have.

If a refurbished model isn’t something that scares you away, you can get a renewed watch right now for $215 at Amazon, which is 7% off its normal price of $233. You can alternatively find a refurbished option for $230 at Best Buy — certified by Geek Squad. Depending on which retailer is in stock, you’re getting a great discount, if you don’t want to move up to the Series 9 just yet. 

Apple Watch Series 8 (41mm, GPS + Cellular): $399 (save $300)


While slightly overshadowed by the newest Series 9, the previous generation of the Apple Watch is still a stellar smartwatch option at a more affordable price point. It packs the core capabilities diehard Apple Watch fans expect into a slim, ergonomic design. 

For regular use every day, the Series 8 performs great without the premium price tag. Must-have health sensors like optical HR, ECG, SpO2 and body temperature options are on board, in addition to fitness and sleep tracking. There are also must-have safety features like car crash detection, which can immediately contact emergency services.

For a feature-packed, cheaper Apple Watch alternative, the Series 8 hits the sweet spot. It brings plenty of monitoring functions, safety innovations and slick styling in a more affordable package that you can still get right now. 

Right now, if you hurry, you can snag a new Apple Watch Series 8 for just $399 at Walmart. That’s a discount of $300, down from its normal price of $699. Alternatively, you can get a refurbished Apple Watch Series 8 (45mm, GPS only) model from Best Buy for just $254 — a savings of $175. 

Apple Watch Series 9 (45mm, GPS only): $359 (save $70)


The Apple Watch Series 9 is the most recent in Apple’s smartwatch lineup, outside of the rugged Ultra 2 model. This wearable is designed to support virtually every activity and need. Health insights like ECG, SpO2 monitoring and menstrual cycle tracking join must-have basics like fitness metrics and crash detection.

New intuitive features such as double tap, which controls calls and music with two fingers, demonstrate Apple’s relentless innovation. And the iconic styling looks as stellar on the wrist as it functions.

Seamlessly pairing with your iPhone, the Series 9 enables calling, messaging, app access and more on the go. With cutting-edge tech and design, it represents the pinnacle of Apple’s world-leading smartwatch ecosystem.

Right now, you can get this 45mm, GPS configuration of the Series 9 for $359 at Walmart, which is $70 off its usual price of $429. 

Apple Watch Series 8 (41mm, GPS + Cellular): $299 (Save $200)


Time is ticking away to head over to Walmart’s website to snag this Apple Watch Series 8, 41mm, GPS + Cellular version with a silver color aluminum case and white Sport Band for just $299 — that’s $200 off its regular price.

This special price is only valid for a few watch colors, and several configurations are already sold out, so don’t wait to take advantage of this deal.

How do I know if I’m buying an Apple Watch with the blood oxygen feature?

The only way to tell if you have a pre-ban Apple Watch is to look at the packaging or menus for part numbers ending in LL/A. You’ll have no way of knowing which one you get buy purchasing online, so keep that in mind unless the retailer has explicitly listed which one you’re buying. 

Some retailers, like Best Buy, do indicate whether the models have the blood oxygen feature. Your best bet to find an Apple Watch that definitely has a pulse oximeter for blood oxygen monitoring is to look for models in person or through specialized listings at third-party sellers. 

What’s the best Apple Watch?

Here are some of the key features to consider when shopping for an Apple Watch:

Size: Apple Watches typically come in two sizes. The right size for you can depend on your wrist size and your preference for screen size. Larger screens give you better visibility and touch targets, but can feel bulkier on smaller wrists, so this is going to have to come down to personal preference. 

Features: If you’re into fitness, look for models with advanced health and fitness tracking. If you need it for connectivity and productivity, check for features like LTE/cellular options. 

Battery Life: Different models and usage patterns affect battery life. If you’re a heavy user or plan to use features like GPS and LTE frequently, you might want a model with a longer battery life.

Compatibility: Make sure your Apple Watch is compatible with your iPhone. Newer Apple Watches will need newer phones, and if you haven’t upgraded, this might be a problem. 

Health features: If health monitoring is a priority (like ECG, blood oxygen monitoring), look for models that include these sensors and keep in mind which features are no longer available on certain models. 

Future-proofing: Buying the latest model can usually guarantee longer software support and access to new features released in future updates. As long as you stay current, you’ll get all of Apple’s newest updates. 


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