SHOCKING: Nepal Mayors Daughter, An ‘Osho Meditator’, Goes Missing In Goa: 10 Points


NEW DELHI: In a shocking development, a 36-year-old Nepali woman, Aarti, who happens to be the daughter of Gopal Hamal, the mayor of Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan city in Nepal, went missing in Goa two days back. A follower of Osho meditation, Aarti had been residing in Goa for several months before her sudden disappearance.

Here are the top developments in Aarti Hamal’s sudden disappearance case:- 

1. Nepalese Mayor’s Daughter Goes Missing: Aarti, the daughter of Gopal Hamal, mayor of Dhangadhi sub-metropolitan city in Nepal, went missing in Goa, sparking concerns among her family and community.

2. Last Known Whereabouts: She was last seen on Monday night near the Ashvem Bridge in Goa around 9:30 pm, as reported by her family members.

3. Plea for Assistance: Gopal Hamal made a heartfelt plea on social media, urging residents of Goa to assist in locating his missing daughter and providing contact details for any information.



4. Family’s Efforts: Aarti’s younger sister, Arzoo Hamal, and her son-in-law immediately flew to Goa to aid in the search efforts, mobilizing resources and seeking help from the public.

5. Search Efforts Intensify: Arzoo Hamal revealed that numerous calls poured in from concerned individuals, suggesting possible sightings of Aarti near the Siolim bridge and speculating about her condition and whereabouts.

6. Speculations and Investigations: Speculations arose regarding Aarti’s condition, with some callers claiming she was found unconscious near the Siolim bridge and taken to a hospital, while others suggested she was taken to a police station.

7. FIR Filed: Goa Police took action by filing a First Information Report (FIR) in connection with Aarti’s disappearance, initiating official investigations into the matter.

8. Relief Amidst Uncertainty: Amidst the distress, a glimmer of relief surfaced as Gopal Hamal announced on Wednesday that Aarti had been found safe in Goa after two days of uncertainty.

9. Mayor Expresses Gratitude To Well-Wishers: Expressing profound gratitude, Gopal Hamal thanked all individuals who contributed to the search efforts, including the supportive Nepali community residing in Goa.

10. Reunited with Family: Aarti’s safe return brought immense relief to her family, as Gopal Hamal confirmed that she was reunited with her younger sister, Arju, and son-in-law, marking an end to the ordeal.


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