Not like chapati but puri: US official on India-US trade ties | India News


NEW DELHI: United States assistant secretary of state for energy resources Geoffrey R Pyatt on Monday used some choice words to describe the nature of US-India trade relationship.
While admitting that US and India are not currently engaged in any kind of Free Trade Agreement negotiations, Pyatt said: “Nobody today characterises their trade relationship as flat as a ‘chapati’.It has become big and puffed up like a big ‘puri’ … we have ongoing and important negotiations about how to facilitate a further deepening of our trade relationship.”
He went on to say that US and India have very strong focus on energy transition and there is a lot synergy between the nations to ensure alternative supply chain, especially for renewables.
During a virtual press briefing on Monday, Pyatt said that India is one of the US’s most important energy relationships in the world, adding that US-India ties for the energy sector is important to create alternative supply chains, especially in renewables.
He also lauded Indian firms’ efforts for producing electric three-wheelers.
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