Nora Fatehi On Celeb Couples: “In The Film Industry, People Get Married For Clout”


Nora Fatehi shared this image. (courtesy: norafatehi)New Delhi: Nora Fatehi has been trending a great deal courtesy her recent interview where she talked about the nature of relationships in the film industry and celebrity couples marrying for “clout.” In a recent podcast with Ranveer Allahbadia, Nora Fatehi said, “I see it happening in front of me, in the industry, people get married for clout.” Nora Fatehi, without name-checking any celebrity, said during the interaction, “Clout predators, they just want to use you for your fame. They can’t with me… that’s why you don’t see me running around with guys or dating… but I see it is happening in front of me. In the film industry, people get married for clout. People use these wives or husbands for networking and for circles, for money, for relevance even. They think, I have to marry that person so I can stay relevant for the three years because she has a few films releasing and they were doing well at the box office, so I have got to ride that wave. People are that calculative. Those are predators, too.”The Madgaon Express actress added during the podcast, “Money and fame… these guys and girls will destroy their whole life for money, fame and power. Nothing is worse than getting married to someone that you don’t even love and then living with them for years… most of the people in our industry are here doing that nonsense. Just because they want to be in the right camp and circles. They want to be relevant, because they don’t know where their career is going to go. So, they need some backup plan – plan A, plan B and plan C… I don’t understand sacrificing your personal life, mental health and happiness because work is work, home life and personal life is something else. You can’t mix them both because then you will never be happy. And then you’ll wonder why you are depressed and suicidal.”In terms of work, Nora Fatehi starred in Madgaon Express and Crakk this year. Nora Fatehi became popular with her dance performance to the song Dilbar from the film Satyamev Jayate. She also starred in films like Street Dancer 3D, with Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor.


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