Mumbai Couple’s PDA Stunt On Scooter Goes Viral, Face Social Media Backlash – Watch |

New Delhi: A video of a couple in Mumbai indulging in a public display of affection (PDA) on their scooter has gone viral on social media, drawing flak from netizens and raising questions about road safety. The video shows the couple hugging each other tightly, with the woman sitting backwards on her partner’s lap, while riding through the busy streets of Bandra Reclamation Road.

Couple ignores helmet rule

The video, which was shared on X by Bandra Buzz, shows the couple partially covered by a shawl, apparently trying to hide their identity and their act of intimacy. However, their stunt did not escape the notice of a fellow commuter, who recorded the video and posted it online. The video also reveals that the couple was not wearing helmets, violating the traffic rules and endangering their lives.

Bandra Buzz appeals to Mumbai Police

Bandra Buzz, which shared the video, captioned it as, “This daring duo was spotted at Bandra Reclamation, turning heads with their unconventional scooter ride. @MumbaiPolice we kindly request your attention to ensure everyone’s safety on the roads.” The account tagged the Mumbai Police, urging them to take action against the couple for their irresponsible behaviour.

Netizens express outrage, call for police intervention

The video, which has been viewed thousands of times, has sparked an uproar on social media platforms, where users have expressed their outrage and called for police intervention. Some users commented that the couple was setting a bad example for others, while some others mocked their stunt and suggested alternative ways of expressing their love. Some users also pointed out the risk of contracting Covid-19 by such close contact in public.

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