Modi is going to be PM again, is highly popular: US Congressman Rich McCormick | India News


NEW DELHI:In a recent interview, US Congressman Rich McCormick, a Republican from Georgia, expressed unwavering confidence in Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s prospects for re-election in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, citing his widespread popularity and progressive leadership.
“Prime Minister Modi is incredibly popular. I was just over there. I actually had lunch with Prime Minister Modi and several other congressmen, and to see his popularity across party lines really… He is going to be prime minister again,” Congressman McCormick remarked.
Talking about PM Modi’s progressive economic policies and inclusive approach, McCormick praised India’s economic growth under his leadership, ranging from four to eight percent annually. He highlighted the significance of India’s strategic relationships on the global stage and its potential impact on the world economy.
While acknowledging some elements of protectionism in India’s economic policies, McCormick underscored the importance of trust and collaboration between nations, particularly in technology-sharing endeavors. He contrasted India’s approach with that of China, emphasizing India’s commitment to democratic principles and strategic alignment with the United States.
As a member of the House Committee on Armed Services and House Foreign Affairs Committee, Congressman McCormick represents Georgia’s 6th Congressional district, which boasts a substantial Indian American population. He reiterated the need for fostering genuine trust and understanding between the United States and India, emphasizing the mutually beneficial nature of their strategic partnership.
In light of the evolving geopolitical landscape, McCormick emphasized the importance of continued cooperation between the two nations in addressing common challenges and advancing shared interests on the world stage.
As the Lok Sabha elections draw closer, McCormick’s endorsement underscores the international recognition of Prime Minister Modi’s leadership and the strategic importance of India-US relations in shaping global affairs.


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