Immediate Ceasefire…: Prez Bidens Ultimatum To Israels Netanyahu Marks Shift In US Stance on Gaza War


In a pivotal conversation with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday, United States President Joe Biden emphasized the potential for altering U.S. support for Israel’s military campaign in Gaza, contingent upon Israel’s commitment to safeguarding civilians and humanitarian workers. This shift in stance comes in the wake of a tragic incident involving Israeli forces mistakenly targeting World Central Kitchen personnel, igniting demands from within Biden’s party to reconsider aid to Israel.

Despite his longstanding support for Israel, Biden has now, for the first time, intimated that aid could be conditional, signaling a possible turning point in the ongoing conflict. The White House disclosed that during the 30-minute call, Biden insisted on Israel’s declaration and execution of definitive actions to mitigate civilian distress and ensure the safety of humanitarian missions. The outcome of this dialogue could redefine U.S. policy towards the Gaza situation, hinging on Israel’s immediate response to these stipulations.

The White House refrained from detailing any prospective policy adjustments but expressed anticipation for Israel’s imminent measures. Biden’s proposition reflects both personal discontent and escalating pressure from his party’s progressive wing to halt violence and address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

In response to inquiries about U.S. policy shifts, Netanyahu’s spokesperson deferred to Washington for clarification. Subsequently, the White House commended Israel’s steps to enhance humanitarian aid flow into Gaza, stressing the urgency of their full implementation.

Following the fatal attack on World Central Kitchen’s team, Israel acknowledged the need to revise its military tactics in the conflict, promising to publicize the findings of the inquiry soon. Although the White House had previously characterized Biden as deeply troubled by the incident, it wasn’t until this critical exchange that a potential change in U.S. support was explicitly mentioned.

Biden underscored the necessity of an immediate ceasefire to stabilize the humanitarian situation and protect civilians. He also urged Netanyahu to expedite negotiations for the release of hostages taken by Hamas during the October 7 assault that sparked the Israeli offensive.

Echoing Biden’s sentiment, Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Brussels asserted that Israel must rise to the occasion by bolstering humanitarian aid and safeguarding aid providers, warning that a lack of observable progress could lead to a shift in U.S. policy.


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