How Indian Navy ‘swiftly’ responded to drone attack on merchant ship in Gulf of Aden | India News


NEW DELHI: The Indian Navy on Tuesday “swiftly” responded to a drone strike on a Liberian-flagged commercial vessel in the Gulf of Aden.
This incident, which occurred on Monday, came amid concerns over the safety of commercial vessels in the Red Sea due to attacks by Houthi militants.
Over the past few weeks, the Indian Navy has provided assistance to several merchant vessels in the western Indian Ocean following such attacks.
The vessel, located approximately 90 nautical miles Southeast of Aden, reported a fire resulting from a drone or missile attack.
“INS Kolkata, mission deployed in the region for maritime security operations, promptly responded and arrived at scene of incident by 2230 hours,” the Indian Navy said in a statement.
A team of 12 firefighters from INS Kolkata boarded the vessel early morning on March 5 to help extinguish the fire. Additionally, an explosive ordnance disposal team assessed the residual risk and provided assistance.
“The vessel, with a crew of 23 personnel, including 13 Indians, has been escorted to safe waters. Relentless efforts by mission deployed platforms symbolises Indian Navy’s resolve in ensuring safety and security of merchant shipping and seafarers plying in the region,” the Indian Navy said in a statement.
In the face of escalating tensions and security concerns in the Red Sea region, the Indian Navy has taken a number of decisive steps to safeguard India’s maritime interests. The Navy’s proactive stance comes amid the backdrop of the Israel-Hamas conflict and increasing threats from Houthi militants targeting commercial vessels.
In January, the Indian Navy said that its warship INS Sumitra rushed to the aid of a hijacked Iranian vessel off Somalia and rescued 17 crew on board in yet another successful anti-piracy operation.
Earlier, an Indian warship came to the aid of a merchant vessel in the Gulf of Aden, which was hit by a ballistic missile fired by Houthi rebels of Yemen.
Yemen-based Houthi rebels are targeting ships in the Red Sea to retaliate against Israel’s military actions in Gaza, disrupting the Suez Canal route. US, British and other coalition forces are conducting joint strikes to counter Houthi attacks on vessels in the Red Sea.


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