Holi 2024: Auspicious Puja Timings, Significance – Heres All You Need To Know About The Festival Of Colours


One of the main Hindu holidays in India is Holi, or the festival of colours, which is observed with much fanfare and spectacle throughout the nation. For two days, North India is the main location for celebrations. The festival includes Gulaal (colours), Water Balloons, Pichkaris, mouthwatering sweets like Samosas, Jalebi, and Chole Bhature, as well as traditional foods like Gujiya and Thandai. However, why is Holi observed? What does it mean? Everything you need to know about the festival of colours, including its importance and Indian celebrations, is provided here. 

The festival of colours transports us to an era of ancient mythology when it commemorates the triumph of good over evil and symbolizes the eternal love of Lord Krishna and Radha as well as the victory of Narasimha Narayana over Hiranyakashipu. 

Dhulendi or Rang Vali Holi

Colours and the spirit of love are evident on the second day of Holi, or Dhulendi. On this day, people play with Pichkari, and water balloons, and put gulaal (colours) on one another’s faces.

Date of Holi 2024: Holi, the festival of colours, is celebrated on the evening of Purnima in the month of Phalgun according to the Hindu calendar. Holi is therefore typically observed around the first or second week of March. The festival of Holi is celebrated over two days. The first day is called Chhoti Holi, or Holika Dahan, and it begins with the lighting of a holy fire. The second day is called Dhulendi, when people play Holi with colored powder. 

This year, Rangwali Holi will be held on March 25, 2024, while Choti Holi, also known as Holika Dahan, will be observed on March 24, 2024, between 11:13 pm and 12:27 am the following day. 


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