Exclusive: Oppenheimer Actor JamesD’ Arcy On His Sci Fi Thriller Constellation


Jo Ericsson ( Noomi Rapace), an astronaut returns to Earth after a disastrous mission in space, only to find key areas of her life missing. Is she having an otherworldly experience? Apple TV’s latest conspiracy-based sci-fi thriller “Constellation” is a visually stunning experience. As Jo embarks to expose the truth and unravel the unexplained secrets of outer space, she finds herself unravelling the dark recesses of human psychology as well as the indescribable happenings in cosmic space.

Helmed by Peter Harness (Wallander) who created and wrote the show, m Emmy award-winning director Michelle MacLaren (The Morning Show, Shining Girls) takes on chief directing duties. 
James D’Arcy last seen in Oppenheimer takes on the part of Jo’s husband Magnus Ericsson and William Catlett who plays Paul Lancaster, spoke to ZEE India exclusively on the show and Oppenheimer’s Oscar run.  

James D’Arcy, for someone with such an interesting and diverse body of work, what was it about the show and playing husband to Jo who is having an otherworldly experience?

James D’Arcy: Well, there are two parts to that. Firstly, I just thought the show itself was so unique, that it was impossible not to lean into being a part of that experience and seeing how it would work out. But secondarily, being part of a domestic drama which is set in a kind of genre-bending, thriller conspiracy world, seemed like an amazing way to push human beings to their limits, and then examine the nature of family. So you know,  it’s just an exciting opportunity to look at how a family behaves when they’re under extreme pressure, which is what Peter Harness has managed to do, put everyone in that position right at the top of the show.

William Catlett for someone who wears so many hats actor writer and director do these personalities converge.. what was it about Constellation which drew you to it?

William Catlett: Well, I think each medium the artist is trying to because they want to paint. So a director’s canvas is different than an actor’s canvas, although they share the same medium. So it’s just finding like, what colors that you can paint or what story you’re trying to tell. It depends on, what you’re trying to paint and that’s kind of like how I decided to choose different things that I want to do because there are some stories an actor can tell, some a writer and some a director. It is like, what am I feeling at the moment? What am I feeling right now? You know, what is real what is true? And that’s what I kind of lean into.

James, you have been part of several decorated projects and your recent Oppenheimer is all set for Oscar Glory, what was the experience in it and as an actor what’s the one thing that draws you to a project, story, director or your part?

James D’Arcy: I think it’s  never one thing, so it’s not always just the story because sometimes the director is somebody that you want to work with. Sometimes, it’s the character a mix of all three. I don’t know it’s, it’s hard to put your finger on what exactly it is that attracts you, to any given project. However, I will say that if somebody inserts the words Christopher Nolan, we don’t need to probably have to think too hard, right?

In terms of this project, it was a mix of everything. Michelle McLaren is an absolute genius the greatest television director working today. Peter Harness has written this extraordinary script which almost defies description, and then this character to me was a really interesting dynamic that they’d set up between him and his wife. So it was everything here.

William, was there something in particular that drew you to Constellation?

William Catlett: I have always wanted to do a sci-fi always want to work, you know, outside of the country and working in Germany was incredible. And you know, when you’re working with Oscar-nominated directors and working with Michelle and Peter just from the words and the way they jumped off the page, it was something I can seek myself into. So I mean, it was a no-brainer. For me. This is something that I always wanted to do, and I knew that I could carry the emotions, the emotional thing that they wanted me to do in a TV show.

Constellation premieres on 21st February On Apple TV+.


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