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[[Category:1925 deaths]]

[[Category:1925 deaths]]

[[Category:Woman’s Relief Corps National Presidents]]

[[Category:Woman’s Relief Corps National Presidents]]

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The New England Magazine, 1890
Journal of the 43rd Convention of the National WRC, 1925
Emma Stark Hampton was the fifth national president of the Woman’s Relief Corps. She is a lineal descendant of Israel Stark of American Revolutionary War era, and her father was also Israel Stark. He was associated with the Christian Commission during the American Civil War. Mrs. Hampton rendered valuable assistance during the war. She is a literary woman, and has long represented the Woman’s Relief Corps in the National Council of Women of the United States. Her home is in Detroit, Michigan.

Emma Stark Hampton was born January 15, 1843, in the Township of Sweden, near Brockport, New York. She was the daughter of Israel Buell Stark and Caroline Fellows, his wife.[2]
Hampton was educated in the public schools of her town and graduated from the Western Normal School, of Brockport (now, SUNY Brockport).[2]
She taught for a few years before her marriage.[2]
She had two sons, Arthur S. and Dr. Charles G. Hampton.[2]
Emma Stark Hampton died February 22, 1925, after a brief illness at her home in Detroit, and was buried in Beech Ridge Cemetery, Brockport, New York.[2]



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