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In New Hampshire‘s initial Republican primary, Donald Trump emerged victorious on Tuesday.
Securing his second consecutive triumph in the race for the 2024 GOP nomination, the former president outperformed his competitors with a decisive victory in Iowa. Meanwhile, GOP contender Nikki Haley was unable to leverage her appeal among independent and anti-Trump voters who are seeking a new leader for the party.
The primaries in New Hampshire stand out due to the participation of undeclared voters—individuals without affiliation to any political party—who have the flexibility to vote in the primary of either party. This feature attracts voters who may not strictly adhere to party lines.
Although the exact margin remains uncertain, the outcomes are expected to intensify demands from certain Republicans for Haley to withdraw from the competition. Nevertheless, her campaign team pledged in a Tuesday memo to persevere until “Super Tuesday” in early March, when 16 states cast their votes simultaneously.
The forthcoming primary is set for February 24 in South Carolina, Haley’s birthplace and where she completed two terms as governor. Despite her connections to the state, Trump has secured support from the majority of South Carolina’s Republican leaders, and opinion polls indicate he holds a substantial lead.
Trump secured a resounding triumph in Iowa’s initial Republican showdown last week, leaving Haley significantly behind in third place. The once bustling roster of 14 contenders dwindled to a direct contest on Sunday when Florida governor Ron DeSantis withdrew after clinching second place in Iowa.
Historically, no Republican has clinched the first two primaries without eventually winning the party’s nomination.
Despite minimal on-ground campaigning in New Hampshire, Trump’s strategy—a blend of personal complaints and conservative cultural rhetoric—has garnered him a commanding lead in the polls.
Trump has voiced a baseless allegation that Democrats are permitted to participate in the Republican primary.
Nonetheless, independents can cast their votes, and Haley is optimistic they will reject Trump, viewing her as a more centrist choice.
Throughout the week, she emphasized, supported by survey data, that the majority of Americans are opposed to a Trump-Biden rematch.
Joe Biden also won New Hampshire’s Democratic primary even though he wasn’t on the ballot. His supporters mounted a write-in campaign on his behalf to avoid a loss, even though the contest awards no delegates because it violates the national party rules he pushed for.
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