‘Desh Ki janta moye moye kar degi’: BJP leader Rajnath Singh jibe at INDIA bloc | India News


NEW DELHI: During a campaign rally in Ghaziabad, defence minister Rajnath Singh took a sharp dig at the opposition, saying that their alliance match the strength of the NDA or BJP in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Singh confidently proclaimed that the people’s support would render the opposition powerless in the polls.
In a nod to the viral ‘moye moye’ trend originating from a Serbian song, Singh injected a touch of humor into his speech and said, “desh ki janta moye moye kar degi” (the people will make the Opposition come a cropper in the elections).The trend, which gained popularity on social media platforms, added a lighthearted tone to his remarks.
The hit song ‘Moye More’, was officially released by the name of ‘Dzanum’, by Serbian singer-songwriter Teya Dora. The lyrics of the song hint at anguish, despair and nightmares. However, in India, netizens set the song along with their hilarious Instagram reels and memes on other social media platforms.
Singh said the fragmented nature of the opposition alliance, dismisses it as a coalition of convenience among self-serving leaders. He emphasized that despite their unity, the opposition bloc would falter against the formidable NDA.
“Several Opposition parties came together to fight and defeat the BJP. However, you can all see that this is an alliance of convenience of some self-seeking Opposition leaders. However, they can’t even face up to the NDA even if they are united. Iss desh ki janata iska bhi moye moye kar degi (the people will make the Opposition come a cropper in the elections),” the minister said.
The defence minister also praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s diplomatic prowess, specifically citing the successful repatriation of 22,500 Indian students stranded in Ukraine. He commended PM Modi for elevating India’s global standing since assuming office in 2014, emphasizing the nation’s newfound influence on the international stage.
Singh reiterated the pride of the nation in PM Modi’s leadership, highlighting the unprecedented ceasefire orchestrated to evacuate Indian citizens from the conflict in Ukraine.
“The India of today is a powerful country. The world did not take us seriously earlier, but PM Modi worked a miracle to get us where he has. Today, when India speaks on a global forum, the whole world listens. This is a ringing endorsement and affirmation of where our country is today,” the Raksha Mantri said.
“We should all be proud of how the war (between Russia and Ukraine) was stopped for four-and-a-half hours to enable the passage of 22,500 Indian children from Ukraine. This is India,” he said.
The BJP’s endorsement of Atul Garg as its candidate for the Ghaziabad constituency further solidified their campaign efforts. Garg, a current member of the state legislative assembly from Ghaziabad, has garnered support from the party after Union Minister Gen (retd) VK Singh withdrew from the electoral race.
Ghaziabad, set to vote on April 26 in the second phase of elections, holds significant electoral weight with over 29 lakh registered voters across five assembly areas.
Spread across five assembly areas of Loni, Muradnagar, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad and Dhaulana (Hapur), the Ghaziabad Lok Sabha constituency has over 29 lakh registered voters, according to officials.
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