Best Mother’s Day gifts for new moms


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It’s her first Mother’s Day and you need to gift her something special. She’s delivered the most important gift, a gorgeous little baby, and now you want to deliver her a memorable first Mother’s Day. Sure, the pressure’s on, but she deserves to be celebrated in style. 

Finding the right Mother’s Day gift for a new mom doesn’t have to stress you out. We’ve assembled our favorite gifts specifically with new moms in mind. We can’t help you with those night feedings, but we can help you with Mother’s Day.

Best Mother’s Day gifts for new moms

The first thing you want to do for a new mom is order flowers to be delivered on Mother’s Day. Then scroll down to find the right gift for the new mom in your life. 

Best gift for a first-time mom: Brook & York Avery birthstone initial necklace

Brook & York

If you’re looking for a sure thing of a gift for a new mom, look no further than personalized jewelry that represents her baby’s birthstone or initial. Brook & York’s Avery birthstone initial necklace features an 18-inch beaded chain with a hinge closure and anti-tarnish barrier so her new bling always stays shiny. Made from 14k gold plated brass, it features a 1/8″ x 1/4″ cubic zirconia charm.

This personalized necklace is $140 at Brook & York. Shipping is free.

Why we like this birthstone initial necklace:

  • A customized Mother’s Day gift adds a more personal touch than traditional jewelry.
  • This necklace can be dressed up or down, which means she can wear it every day without worrying that it’s too precious for casual wear. 

Coziest Mother’s Day gift for new moms: Fixmatti long-sleeve tracksuit  


Life as a new mom usually means a desire for comfier clothes, but that doesn’t mean she wants to sacrifice style. The right tracksuit set will quickly become her uniform, so much so she’ll be asking for one in every color. 

This set is $48 on Amazon and comes in a variety of solid color options.

Why we like this tracksuit set:

  • This set earns 4.0 stars from Amazon buyers, including a self-proclaimed “sweatpants snob.”
  • This set looks good while still being comfortable, perfect for new moms on the go and those at home with a napping baby.

Best gift for the mom who needs a good night’s sleep: Blissy silk pillowcase


It’s safe to assume most new moms aren’t getting a lot of sleep. That’s even more reason to make sure she’s getting quality sleep when time allows. The Blissy silk pillowcase is handmade using 100% pure silk, which purports to be better for hair and skin, while also providing a cooler sleep. 

This 4.4-star-rated silk pillowcase is currently on sale at Amazon for $59, reduced from $90.

Why we like the Blissy silk pillowcase:

  • This pillowcase’s smooth surface is less prone to irritate skin.
  • The temperature-regulating properties of silk offer a cooler sleep and less waking due to temperature fluctuation.

Best bling for your buck on Mother’s Day: Mejuri heart pavé diamond stud earrings


Pro mom tip: Babies love to pull on anything sparkly that dangles, like earrings. Most new moms figure this out the hard way and quickly ditch their earrings. Stud earrings are here to help. 

These earrings are made from 14k yellow gold and natural diamonds. The average carat weight is .08 ct, and the stone size is 0.7 mm.

Mejuri’s heart diamond stud earrings are currently $211, reduced from $248.

Why we like Mejuri’s diamond heart stud earrings:

  • A beautiful pair of yank-proof stud earrings is a terrific gift for any new mom (provided she has pierced ears).  
  • The diamonds are naturally sourced from suppliers who follow conflict-free practices.

Best gift for the new mom with the good hair: Dyson Airwrap


Most new moms don’t have a lot of spare time for elaborate hair styling sessions, which is exactly why the splashy Dyson Airwrap is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Part hair dryer, part styling tool, the Dyson Airwrap allows you to dry and style your hair all at once. It’s a time-saver, and Dyson’s technology uses less heat on hair. That means less damage to her hair.

Dyson is currently including a presentation case (worth $60) and a Dyson designed paddle brush (worth $40) with purchase. The Dyson Airwrap is $599.

Why we like the Dyson Airwrap:

  • Many new moms find their hair is frail from pregnancy. Dyson uses less heat on hair than a typical hair dryer, which causes less hair damage.
  • Dyson’s Airwrap is a time-saver, ideal for new moms with less time for themselves than pre-baby.

Best gift for the sentimental mom: Digital picture frame


If there’s one thing any new parent can’t get enough of, it’s photos of the baby. Too bad most new parents don’t have the time to select, print and organize the baby’s photos into albums. This digital frame measures 10.1 inches and can display both photos and videos (up to 15 seconds). The frame’s intuitive screen makes setup easy and the Frameo app makes uploading and displaying photos simple.

This digital frame is available at Amazon for $60, reduced from $70.

Why we like this digital picture frame:

  • A digital photo album takes the work out of organizing albums, while still allowing photos to be displayed.

Best at-home manicure set for Mother’s Day: Olive & June mani system

Olive & June

Once a little one is squeezing Mom for time, it’s tough to find time for personal self-care such as a mani/pedi appointment. Olive & June’s at-home manicure set takes the guesswork out of how to do your nails yourself.

Olive & June’s home manicure systems start at $55.

Why we like Olive & June’s manicure system for home:

  • We love Olive & June’s at-home manicure sets, which allow you to customize polish choices and give you all the tools you’ll need to (almost) perfect an at-home manicure.
  • This at-home manicure set is a time and money saver, perfect for new moms who have less free time.

When Mom just wants a card: Lovepop Mother’s Day pop-up card


Constructed from high-quality materials that won’t fall apart in the mail, Lovepop’s pop-up Mother’s Day card suits the mom who really does just want a card. This 5″ x  7″ card displays a pop-up Mother’s Day greeting sure to brighten her day and then some.

Lovepop Mother’s Day cards are $13 on Amazon.

Why we like Lovepop pop-up cards:

  •  Lovepop’s pop-up cards elevate card giving so Mom feels more like her card is a gift.  

Best gift for the mom of an infant with colic: Shiatsu back and neck massager


Being a new mom can be stressful. This neck massager, which features eight power modes and a built-in infrared heating mechanism to release tight muscles, can be worn while she’s holding or feeding the baby. It features auto shut-off protection and three speed levels.

Available at Amazon, this massager is on sale for $37, reduced from $50.

Why we like this back and neck massager:

  • Holding a little one, or rocking a little person to sleep, can take a toll on one’s back and neck. A neck massager is a simple way to take (some of) the stress out of being a new mom.

For the mom who loves fresh cut flowers: Mark & Graham personalized dipped ceramic pitcher vase

Mark & Graham

Brighten up the house, and her Mother’s Day, with Mark & Graham’s gorgeous ceramic pitcher vase. Personalize it with her initials to add a touch of personality to this elegant gift. Available in four color choices, the pitcher vase is crafted from durable stoneware.

This vase is $49 at Mark & Graham. Add personalization for $12.50.

Why we like this Mark & Graham vase:

  • This personalized gift pairs well with the flowers you’re planning on gifting Mom.
  • She’ll think of you each time she places fresh flowers in this vase.
  • This pitcher vase can also be used as a water or beverage pitcher.

For the mom who loves to read: Book of the Month Club subscription

Book of the Month Club

A new mom may have less time to read, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to disappear into a great book when time allows. Finding time to read isn’t the problem, but finding the right book to read is. That’s where a subscription to the Book of the Month Club comes in. Get hard-cover books or audiobooks delivered to her doorstep, or Kindle-step, and let the pleasure reading begin. You can purchase subscriptions in three, six or twelve-month increments.

Subscriptions to the Book of the Month Club start at $60 for three months.

Why we like a subscription to the Book of the Month Club:

  • She’ll love discovering new books, but not having to shop for them.
  • If she’s behind or ahead of her reading, she can skip or speed up her delivery.

When is Mother’s Day 2024?

Mother’s Day 2024 falls on Sunday, May 12, 2024.


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