Arbaaz Khan On His Equation With Brother Salman: “We Don’t Meet Or Communicate That Often”


Arbaaz Khan shared this image. (Courtesy: arbaazkhanofficial)New Delhi: Salman Khan shares a close bond with his brothers, Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan. In a recent heart-to-heart on his son Arhaan Khan’s YouTube channel Dum Biryani, Arbaaz Khan shed light on their unbreakable connection and unwavering support for each other through thick and thin. He also shared that he and Salman don’t meet and communicate “often”. Sohail also chimed in, expressing his deep admiration and respect for Salman Khan during their conversation.Arbaaz Khan spoke about their strong familial ties and shared that despite not being in constant communication, they share an unspoken understanding and always rally around each other in times of need. He said, “We are very very close. When we were young, we were of course staying all together and then we started working and moved out of our homes…one still hasn’t gotten married but we got married and separated also and then I got remarried…but the thing is that we may not be there during the time we are doing our individual things but we are together when there is a crisis.”Arbaaz added, “That’s when people actually run away from each other. Like Salman and I do not meet that often or communicate that often but if he realises that I am in some kind of strife that man is not going to hesitate whether it is Sohail, me or anybody else and vice versa.”Injecting a dose of humour, Sohail quipped about their sibling dynamics, humorously referring to themselves as ‘3 sisters,’ with Arhaan joining in jest, “Not bhaijaans, behenjis.”Arbaaz also stated, “It’s not about financial help. I can’t help Salman financially because he has enough but it’s not always that, you need emotional support, you need to be there, be there as a listener or if you can guide them…that’s what people lose out on. Sometimes just being there is enough.”On the professional front, Salman Khan recently unveiled his next project, Sikandar, set to release on Eid 2025. Collaborating with director AR Murugadoss and filmmaker Sajid Nadiadwala, Salman teased fans with a title image featuring a striking deep blue background, announcing, “Salman Khan in & as Sikandar.”


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