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New Delhi: In movies, picking a specific time period as a theme makes the story richer. A captivating example that grabs viewers’ attention is the director Amit Kasaria’s choice to bring back the nostalgic feel of the 90’s in his upcoming movie, Love Story of 90’s. 

The film is produced under the banner of Sangani Brothers Motion Pictures and is produced by Haresh Sangani and Dharmesh Sangani and directed by Amit Kasaria.

Amit mentions, “For a movie to be good, you need a strong support system with good producers like Haresh Sangani, Dharmesh Sangani and team. It’s a love story with the right touch of romance which is supported by the right people that makes LSO90’s (Love Story of 90’s) an amazing project”.

As we step into a movie that captures the essence of a particular time period, it raises the question: What motivated the director to tell the story using elements from that specific decade?

 Join us on a journey as we explore why they chose the 90’s theme and how it becomes a vital part of the story, going beyond just appearances.

Amit Kasaria shares, ” The idea of LSO90’s (Love Story of 90’s) dawned on me, as I am a child of 90’s era. I came of age watching films like Maine Pyar Kiya, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak and Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. I am someone who really adores  love stories. I  was constantly ambitious to create a romantic film”.

In his quest for the genre, he stumbled upon an interview featuring 

 Shah Rukh Khan. King of Bollywood,  expressed that after the huge success of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge many young women were looking for Raj and Simran likewise in other films.

So, the director wanted to create a captivating love story and he decided to make two characters who have a cinematic style and grew up watching 90s movies.

Amit quotes, “I aimed to plan the meeting of the characters at a single location. The end of their journey is expected to be interesting and enjoyable.They both will hold faith in the power of romance. Sometimes, things don’t happen as they want, and real-life love may not be like the perfect picture they imagine.”

 LSO90’S (Love Story of 90’s ) is not a movie only about individuals born in 90’s but also about teenagers going through their high school years in 2012 to make it more current.

Kasaria cited, “I am also celebrating  90’s romance with this duo. The characters believe in pure and innocent love.Hence, I wanted to incorporate this in my movie.”

He elaborated additionally, “The trailer of the flick will be filled with heartwarming romantic tunes and family oriented entertainment”.

Today, many love stories are not connecting with everyone because they are  too focused on a particular group of people.Viewers are finding it challenging to establish a connection in India.There is  a void for a genuine love narrative.This movie will appeal not just a certain group of people, but also a larger audience.

Amit adds that, “Adhyayan Suman was the first choice for this film, but he was engaged in alternate ventures.Ultimately inquired once more, as I was unable to create the film with another individual, Adhyayan promptly agreed and was prepared to undertake this project.The producers Haresh Sangani and Dharmesh Sangani both the brothers, supported my decision without questioning it.Creating an extraordinary movie requires an unwavering support system.They exhibited a very positive viewpoint”.

Divita Rai, was chosen for the  lead actress  as she was on board with a very renowned talent agency.The director and the producer  encountered numerous lovely girls, yet none quite matched the character.So, when they  met Divita they felt that she embodies joy and is a firm believer in the essence of life.She possesses both beauty and intellect, expressing herself very well. She is very fluent in Hindi, despite of being a South Indian.So, this way the director  and the producers were in sync with each other’s vision.

The major portion of the movie is shot in Uttarakhand. Several scenes and songs were filmed in the picturesque backdrop of Manali.A minor segment is yet to be filmed in Mumbai.

The movie will have a theatrical release, but will  certainly be released on a renowned OTT platform too later on.

When asked the director, that how did they manage to get Bollywood’s top singers on board, he explained, “The credit is rightfully attributed to the music director Rahul Nair, who has an unbelievable talent. Rahul has previously worked with Amit in the movie Bekhudi.The flagship  song  of LSO90’S (Love Story of 90’s) is composed by Rahul Nair.The producers are  bringing the director’s ideas to life.”

They chose Atif Aslam to be one the singers as they believe that music should be boundary-less and his musical compositions are widely renowned. 


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