“Aamir Khan And Kiran Rao Are Down-To-Earth, Intelligent Producers”: Laapataa Ladies’ Writer Sneha Desai


The image was shared on Instagram. (courtesy: snehadesaiofficial)New Delhi: Kiran Rao’s directorial comeback Laapataa Ladies has been receiving positive reviews from fans and film critics alike. Recently, in an interview with Indian Express, Sneha Desai, one of the film’s writers, opened up about how Aamir Khan is an “involved person,” contrary to his image of being “interfering.” She expressed, “I had one of the finest working experiences and learning curves of my life with Aamir sir and Kiran ma’am. They are such hands-on producers and extremely down-to-earth and intelligent. They are also very sensitive, they exactly know what they want… what they want to say. They respect your creative freedom and ideas, they are willing to engage in dialogue, they agree to disagree, so it was a very democratic process. Anybody who says that Aamir sir is an interfering person is completely wrong; he is an extremely involved person.” FYI: Aamir has co-produced Laapataa Ladies.Sneha Desai continued, “He (Aamir Khan) is very passionate about how his production shapes up and is willing to go to any length to give you the kind of production value that you seek as a writer. As a (feature film writer) debutante, the respect I got over there, the kind of grooming that I got at his production house has been spectacular and I wish every debutant writer gets a similar opportunity because it shapes you for life.” Speaking about the story of Laapataa Ladies, Sneha Desai stated, “The story spoke so beautifully to us because even though it was set in the heartland of India, it was primarily the story of any woman. You place it in an urban milieu and it would still call out to you, you place it in a dark milieu and it would still call out to you. So, it was basically the universal theme of empowering women, of following your dreams, of finding yourself when you have lost track of your dreams and aspirations that called out to us and we decided that we wanted to say a lot of things through our characters and through this story.”Released on March 1, Laapataa Ladies revolves around the story of two young brides, who get lost in a train. The movie stars Nitanshi Goel, Pratibha Ranta, and Sparsh Shrivastava in leading roles. Chhaya Kadam, Durgesh Kumar, Satendra Soni, and Hemant Soni also play important roles in the Kiran Rao directorial.


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